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Online job frauds

Hello Readers , how are you, today we are talking about online job frauds of 2020 .

In yesterday topic we talk about  Online Frauds and scams  .

Today we are talking about , what are online jobs and how people are doing fraud under name of online jobs / work from home jobs .

There are some genuine sites where jobs are provided like , , linked in etc.

But there are some other platforms also like OLX and Quikr which provides job part time or work from home jobs and data entry jobs , which are frauds . I will explain in these article how they are frauds .

online jobs fraud thumbnail
online job frauds

Genuine Online Jobs

First clear one thing , if you have some skills or you complete online courses like Digital marketing , Graphic design then you will get a job easily on online platforms also like , , indeed and other platforms .

But if you not have any skills and you want to do online job or part time job from which you think you got 5k to 10k so my dear friend you are thinking wrong .

These platforms are not for you and if someone told you I will provide you a job like online job or work from home job then it is fraud .

Because these are not jobs these are just scams .

If really you want to  do jobs then go for  Zomato , Swiggy and other platforms as a delivery boy or something else , but data entry and all that are almost like fraud in today’s time .

Fraud online jobs

Now lets talk on topic .

There are platforms like OLX , Quikr on which some users posts a jobs for students or the students who want online jobs .

schemes of data entry jobs

First if you see the job profile about data entry jobs online and payment was 8k or something like this . and if  you apply and after that ,

They will explain you about job that this is a work you want to type 25 or 30 pages in word and mail it on “xyz” email and our team will scan your document and there is stages like if there is 15 mistakes in one page they told you that this amount will cut .

And after all that they come on their point and they will ask for fill a form and told you to pay 4000 or 5000 as a security deposit .

They told you it will be negotiable and after time period of  3 months ,we will return it to you and Bla Bla .

The reality is if you accept their offer and you pay money you got some project also and when you complete that and submit that word document they will try to find mistakes and gave you silly reasons , like “here is a full stop you cannot give the full stop”, “comma is missing in this paragraph” etc. etc.

In some cases , they will just take information and take money from you and after that they will Disconnect from you .

Now tell me how you will find them , Neither their  address nor contact details .

These all are frauds . and these are almost every where .

a guy surfing something on smartphone
a guy surfing something on smartphone
Tips to stay away from online job frauds
  1. If you really searching for jobs , please search on genuine platforms .
  2. If you are searching for Data Entry job , do not search it online go to computer institutes or company and find there .
  3. Do not pay any single rupee to anyone or anywhere on any genuine platform also .


Conclusion is simple , if you want job online search according to your skills and education and be smart .

And if you want job in data entry then do not search it online please . because almost 90% are fake .

If genuinely you want some job one solution I have for you , go for courses like digital marketing and all that and complete course , improve your skills and there are so many opportunities for your future .

I think you got my point . I hope this blog add some value in your life .

Thank you for reading .

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