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Hello Readers , what is up , today we will talk about 7 life changing rules which are really life changing .

If you want to change your life then just go for this 7 rules in new year with new resolutions.


Never Run a Good Day By Thinking About a Bad Yesterday.

let it go in wooden boxes
let it go

Something happens to us every single day, but it does not mean that you start your tomorrow with the same thing and keep thinking about it.

Life is too short , so don’t think about yesterday, let’s work on tomorrow .


“Don’t listen to others live a Life that Empowering to you.”

lady cover their ears by hands
Ignore them

There are many negative people around you, who will never do anything in life, nor will they let anyone do it.

Stay away from that type of persons and just focus on your work what you want to do .

In my family  there are some relatives are  like that , they always gives advice to do some other job .

Always they speak : what is this digital marketing , and all that do something else and BLA BLA .

But I am now learning to ignore them , try this in  your case also and comment me your progress .


Give Time To Heals Everything.”

guy siting outside of camp
relaxing and enjoying the moment

In life there are some phases which are difficult to survive like some close one’s death or heartbreak . these are the phases where you can’t think anything else and that situation is very difficult to survive .

In these situations don’t take any serious decisions of your life , just relax your body let heal them itself .

Go to trip or any spiritual place which is near you and sit quit and feel that pure air .

After sometime of period everything will gets Normal.


“The Only person you should Try to Beat is the person you were Yesterday.”

A couple fight with each other
couple fight with each other in kitchen

This is the one main reason why the people fails in life .

Never compare yourself to anyone, because the powers you have I think no one have that power .

If you want to compare then compare your today’s success with yesterday’s failure .


“It’s ok not to have everything figured out , know that in time you’ll get there”

a lady sleeping .

Not Everyday is WIN-WIN situation for you, so stay calm and focus on what you do .

There is no reason to explain everything to everyone , when time comes everyone will know everything .

Everyone has freedom to speak ,they will speak anything but don’t waste your time to explain them , utilize your time for achieving your goals .


Only you are in charge of your Happiness.”

A lady have fun with her dog.
playing with her dog

No one will come to make happy , only come to hurt you or disappoint you , so stay happy and always keep smiling .

Happiness is the biggest medicine for any mental problems .

Be happy and try to make happy others , do not hurt to anyone if they hurts you then its ok but don’t do mistake from you .

If you hurts them then what is the difference between you and that guy .


“life is short , enjoy it while you have it.”

A girl smiling front of mirror .
A girl smiling Infront of mirror .

Life is short , enjoy it whenever you get a chance but do not forget about our goals as well .

Build a memories with your friends because after a time they will not with you in entire life .

Enjoy every moment of life and keep smiling and share with others .

Sharing also gives a smile to someone else , so share a bit of yours .


Conclusion is simple enjoy your life and follow your passion and gave efforts to achieve your goals ,

I think this 7 changes will definitely make changes in your life .

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