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Importance of patience in life

Hello Readers, today we are talking about patience, what is patience, and the importance of patience, and we will talk about the theory name marshmallow theory of patience which was an experiment by Walter.

best example of patience

Importance of Patience

Our great Freedom Fighter Mahatma Gandhiji says that –

 “To lose Patience is to lose Battle”

Patience means धीरज.

Durability to achieving something is patience.

Patience plays a very important role in life, if you do not have patience you cannot grow in life.

“Be consistent and keep patience in life” – you heard this line from many of your motivational speakers or your mentors because they experienced that phase.


Experiment of patience

There was a teacher who used to experiment every time, he wants to dive in human behavior.

They wanted to know how a person wins and how the other loses. What is the difference between a winner and a loser?

class of students and teacher ask a question

One day he was gone to class for a lecture and they gave candy to all students who were present in the class.

He told to all students that, I will come back in 10 minutes, till then no one will eat it, this candy is for you but just keep it in your hand for 10 minutes.

pink candy

He goes outside of class and comes back after 10 minutes and he saw that out of 30 students only 7 students do not eat that candy they have their control over themselves and the other 23 students have finished their candy.

The teacher writes the name and addresses of the 7 students in a separate diary and they leave the class.

After 10 years, that teacher went to the home of those 7 children and he saw that the 7 children who did not eat candy, had become successful in their life, someone was a big businessman, someone was taking high salary job.

After that teacher went to school and open the records of the 27 students who eat their candy, and he went to their home and he saw that they all are still in a middle-class position.

He proves that patience is important in life.

and the teacher’s name was Walter and the theory is marshmallow theory. Marshmallow is a name of candy which he had given to that students.



The conclusion is simple, patience is important in life and checks the history of a successful businessman, entrepreneurs have patience in their life that’s why today they are successful.

“keep patience”

Thank you for reading.

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