best books to read for beginners

Best books to read for beginner

Hello Readers, so you also want to start reading books, congratulations you were to land to corrects page Now in few minutes I will tell you 5 best books to read for a beginner even you hate to read a book I promise you if you complete it at least one book you got a lot of confidence and excitement to read other books as well. So let’s begin.


the blue umbrella book cover

This book is written by RUSKIN BOND.

This is one of the popular and favorite book of readers, this is a childhood book it is very simple, elegant and this book includes pictures as well which attract the interest of readers.

If you are a beginner I definitely prefer you or recommend you to read this THE BLUE UMBRELLA. let’s talk about a summary.


There is a girl in a small village and she exchanges her lucky champs to get the blue umbrella from the stranger and this blue umbrella becomes an attraction to the whole village and everyone thinks about getting that umbrella.

Because the umbrella was very beautiful and there is one shopkeeper who wants to get that umbrella at any cost.

And the original story begins.

I personally recommend you to read this because this book has a lot of suspense and that suspense creates curiosity in your mind to read that book.


the alchemist book photo

This is a blockbuster Novel if you are surrounded by a person who loves to read books then sometimes you might hear about this book’s name from her.

This book is so popular and many YouTubers, readers, and librarians recommend it to read.

The author of this book is PAULO COELHO.

Summary :

The book teaches you to achieve your dreams.

If you start to read this book when you finish this you also don’t know.

The story is, in Andalucia, Spain there is one shepherd, who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. His quest will lead him to riches far different and far more satisfying than he ever imagined. Santiago’s journey teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts.

If you like the story, you will definitely go for it.



kafka on the shore by Murakami

This book is different from these 2 books which I told you, but if you start to read this book and if you understand the concept of this book you will never stop yourself from reading this book.

AUTHOR : Haruki Murakami.


This book is very different from other books, in this book, some weird things are happening as fishes fall from the sky, man talks with cat, this type of frictions are happening in this book.

If you are addicted to his book you directly enter a different imaginary world in your brain where this type of activity is happening.

This book talks about 2 different stories.

  1. A man who runs away from his house.
  2. A man who talks with the cats.

These 2 stories are run at one time and so weird things are happening in their life.

If you love to watch imaginary shows or movies then definitely read this book.


Metamorphosis book

This is a very different Novel from other books which I recommend you.

The author of the book is FRANZ KAFKA and they have a very dark past in their life,

He also conducts many lectures in universities.

The author writes this book on her own life journey, her profession was a lawyer and he survives very crucial life he observes these all in her environment and he part-time write these all in his book and the sad part of her book is this book was not publish until he died. After her death, this book was published and now all civilians of Germany know about her.


In the Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman, awakens one morning to discover he has turned into an insect-like creature. As a traveling salesman, he is a reliable man and the key source of income for his family, and they are understandably horrified by his sudden change in form.

As time passes, Gregor realizes that without him working, the family is in deep financial trouble. The family brings in three renters into the apartment to bring in some extra money, but when Gregor is seen by the renters, they decide to not pay their rent and leave.

This was a short summary and I have not told you a complete summary, because if I told you the full story So you will not have that enthusiasm to read it.

If you love to watch philosophy then definitely try this book. It will also change your life.


the Namesake book cover photo

The author of this book is JHUMPA LAHIRI.

Jhumpa Lahiri is an Indian American author.

This book is also one of the popular ones and one movie by Irfan khan was also made from inspiring this book.


This book story is to identify your identity.

The story is about one family who moves from India to the U.S and the son of their family was born in the U.S which name was Gogol Ganguli and this Gogol was always irritated with their name.

He always thinks that why my name was gogol Ganguli and on this all book was.

The book is 300 pages long. I do not recommend you personally if you are a beginner and who hate to read books but if you read one book and if you want to read a second book then I recommend you.



The conclusion is simple reading books is a good habit and if you also want to read books then start from the top of my recommended list and end at namesake after ending this book you have a lot of confidence of reading book and as well your reading and learning skill also increases.

I hope you like these Best books to read for beginner articles and add some value to your life.


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