philosophy and psychology

philosophy and psychology

Hello Readers, this topic is cover the last topic of personality development tips, I hope you read that blog as well. I prefer you to read the tips of the personality development blog first and then read this. Today we will talk about Philosophy and Psychology.

philosophy and psychology


  1. Introduction to philosophy.
  2. Introduction to psychology.
  3. Difference between philosophy & psychology.
  4. conclusion


Introduction to philosophy.

In the blog of Personality Development Tips, I said that if you want to develop personality development, first of all, you will have to know about Psychology and Physiology and today we will know in detail.

  1. What is philosophy?

two guys are discussing

The first thing Psychology is born from Philosophy. Philosophy means to study general and fundamental questions about reasons and questions or we say problems come in daily life.

In the 19th century, the modern institutes introduced philosophy as an academic subject, such as psychology, economics, etc.

Today there are major subfields in philosophy,

  1. Metaphysics: concerned with the fundamental nature of reality.
  2. Epistemology: studies the nature of knowledge and beliefs.
  3. Ethics: studies moral value.
  4. Logic: studies rule of inference that allows one to deduce a conclusion from premises.

The philosophy of every region is different it depends on the region’s western philosophy is different from eastern philosophy.

Introduction to psychology

psychological thinking

Psychology is a science of mind and behavior, in which we observe the behavior of people live in an environment with us.

A  psychologist can understand the properties of behavior and mental power, he knows that in a live condition what will you think about someone present with you.

Everyone has psychological power that was in the negative stage because of gossips, which change our thinking.

This will extends when we positively interact with the community or people present with us.

Psychological knowledge can be also used in mental health problems.

In 1890, William James defined psychology as a “science of mental life”.

Subfields of psychology :

  1. Biological psychology: this psychology generally considers the organism’s basic mind.
  2. Behavioral psychology: this psychology talks about human behavior as a main part of the study. And in today’s time, it is important to learn the basics of behavioral psychology.
  3. Cognitive psychology: this psychology talks about the mental activity of the mind. In this psychology, there are several factors like thinking, problem-solving, emotions, etc.
  4. Social psychology: this psychology tells about society, how this society thinks in any condition.
  5. Psychoanalytic psychology: psychoanalysis comprises the method of investigating the mind and interpreting experience.


These are the 6 studies of psychology that I think important for you.

You can deeply study it from this article :

difference between philosophy and psychology

1.    Study the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality.1.    Study the human mind and behavior.
2.    Includes questioning, critical analysis, rational debates.2.Includes perceptions, emotions, personality, behavior.
3.    Branches :

Metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, logic.

3.Branches :

Biological, behavioral, cognitive, social, psychoanalytic psychology.




So the conclusion is simple, if you want to grow one step ahead and always be positive in life then you should know the basics of philosophy and psychology.

This will help your lifetime.

Please do not do any type of online course for these you can simply learn it on youtube as well, you should know only the basics. Not to dive in deep.

I hope I clear all the topics, and if you have any doubt or question regarding this please comment on me.

Thank you so much for Reading.

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