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How to speak in public

Hello Readers, I hope everything is fine and today we will talk about how to speak in public. this topic is from how to improve personality development article. I prefer you to read that article first then come to this for detail.

Public speaking is a very difficult task for some people in today’s time.

They think what people think of me, I will be able to speak well or not, and so on.

So today I will give you 5 tips for impressive public speaking.

Let’s dive into it.

  1. Change the way you think

two guys are discussing

This is strange right, let me help you to clear this.

The public speaking fear is a more dangerous fear, like paragliding for the first time.

First of all, you have to remove from your mind what people will say and what people will think and whether I will be able to do it or not.

let me clear you one thing, the power you have no one has that power. If you change your thinking.

So first change the way you think and then confidently go to the stage. Let’s move to Tip number 2.


  1. Let your inner words come out.

a guy is speak in front of mic

Do not go with rote memorization, You don’t have to give the paper there or you don’t have that viva, you have to talk in public there.

And 70% chances are that when you go through rote memorization you will forget or get stuck.

the best way to let your inner words come out.

This will increase your confidence as well.

So keep it in mind, from next time do not go with rote memorization just let your inner words come out.

Now let’s move on to the third point.

  1. Let know your Audience first

a professor giving a speech on stage

This is the point is somewhat different but I think it will help you.

In my opinion when you talk in public or gave any speech in public then 1st priority to know about your audience.

Let’s clear this with one example,

Suppose I told you that you want to give a speech on “how to become successful in life” and the audience present is there for taking knowledge of how to be successful in life and if you gave a speech on “how to become a comedian in life”.

What you think can the audience take interest in you?

So to grab attention first know your audience requirement, what your audience wants from you, why they are here to listen to you.

Alright, let’s move on to the fourth point.


  1. Be comfortable on stage.

mic holding on stand

So now you know what your audience wants but you also have to perform properly.

For that, you need to comfortable on stage.

Some speakers are standing straight at one place and give speeches and influence their audience.

What you think how many can influence her.

And on the second side, there is one speaker who has a great personality and who will give a speech freely and use proper gestures and influence their audience.

Now tell me how many can influence the second speaker.

This is the difference.

So, be comfortable and use proper gestures to explain the situation.

I hope you clear this point, let’s move to the last one.


  1. Eye contact and body language

professor taking a lecture

Eye contact should be matched with your body language.

There are so many students when they come on stage and start a speech they will see here and there, they cannot even make eye contact with the audience.

Eye contact will build trust with your audience.

And your body language should clear and it will be energetic.

Place mic at the proper position and start talking.

And don’t panic this all will improve with your experience.

So while talking with the public or with anyone make eye contact.



I hope you like this article and these are the 5 tips on how to speak in a public topic.

All skills will improve day by day.

And believe me guys public speaking will build so much confidence in you and you will definitely achieve success in this field.

I think I clear all topics in this article if you want to suggest something comment me.

Thank you for reading this article.


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