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Online Frauds and scams

Hello Readers , welcome back to new Blog , today we will talk about online frauds and scams . and how to stay away from online frauds .

Let’s talk about what is online fraud or scam and how it works .

What is Online Frauds

As our India is becoming digital, these online frauds continue to grow.

Nowadays , these frauds are mostly seen on OLX platform . OLX platform is a online selling platform were users post there used products for sale or second hand products for sale , like washing machine , fridge , smartphones etc.

On these platforms some people from UP and BIHAR side are performing phishing .

online phishing

Phishing is one part of fraud which was is now on trending , Illiterate people are also know about this and they performing phishing on online platforms like OLX .

Fake E-commerce Website

Second type of fraud is creating fake E-commerce websites and sale android smartphones but actually they are not providing smartphone only showcase there ads on site .

Few months ago one fake website name as = “EZEEPHONES.COM”

I think many of you heard about this because Youtube a second search engine platform promotes these type of website and many of users who don’t know about this type of frauds are caught in their trap .

These are the online frauds which are on trend and illiterate user also knows how to do phishing on OLX and well educated caught in their trap because of greedy behaviour .

please stay away from these online frauds and scams just use your brain and be active , these are everywhere on these online platforms .

Now we see in detail how phishing was actually done on OLX .

And how fake websites are created on and they do frauds .

chatting on smartphone .


This is so dangerous, I save myself once in a while of this phishing .

Suppose if you post something like, I will tell you my story .

I post fridge for sale at 5000/- and after posting in 5 mins. I got 4 messages , and they said DONE and they request me for my contact number .

After giving contact number one person call me and says “sir I like it I want it , close the deal my person will come to pick up “ that guy does not ask me for address , condition of fridge and directly DONE the deal .

 I started to doubt him a little, but I thought that the man who comes will check all conditions , but he directly ask me for payment options .

I told her that first you check the condition and then we will talk later about payment , but he said “No sir I like it just told me which mode of payment you accept “.

I told her gave cash to that driver who will come to pick up , but that guy said , “we will not do transactions in cash” , they ask me for phone pe .

I told him ok this is my phone pe number send me “hi” and then that guy told me ok .

And after 5 minutes that guy call me and says that sir one notification will popup on your screen accept that and type your UPI  pin first the amount will debit from your account after some time 10000/- will come to your account .

I was shocked , I told him WTF is this why I want to type my UPI pin , the payee are you .

Then he gaves me a silly and illogical reasons like her ATM card is from military camp and bla bla .

Then I know that bro this is a scam .

And after that I noticed one thing , that all are scammers who message me in beginning and all sounds like same and uses the same trick .

These is one type of phishing now there is second one ,

In these they post ad on OLX in low price like bikes and cars very low price , 12000/- , 15000/- etc.

And when we contact them they will told you that the bike is not present right now send your address it will directly deliver to you and delivery charges will cut from the price of bike .

If you say “yes” then they call you after 5 minutes and told you that please pay these amount these are the delivery charges after the bike delivered to you the driver will return that amount to you .

And They will talk to you very professionally and tell you that we are from the military , RPF  and etc. etc. and they send you of fake Military ID.

online hacking

Fake E-commerce websites fraud

This is a little advanced fraud, they use lot of brain in it to built a professional website . and same as other E-commerce sites .

Techy person easily detects that website but if some normal user enters there are 90% chances that he will caught in trap .

Here is a video of technology gyan youtube channel , They will tell you how to identify fake website and original website .

Tips to stay away from online frauds

  1. Never make any kind of online payment until you know about it completely.
  2. Please do not use any type of online payment app if you do not have enough knowledge about that . first learn about that app and after that use it .
  3. Do not provide your case sensitive information in any platform without checking their privacy and policies .
  4. Always take a suggestion of techy person who before doing any type of online deal .
  5. And if you found something wrong on any online platform please REPORT it . because from this you save other person time and money .


these all are the online frauds or scams what you want to say just stay away from frauders .

Conclusion is simple , If you will be up to date and work smartly, you will never be fraudulent.

I request you please do not be GREEDY (laalchi)  .

Do not share our case sensitive information on any untrusted website or application .

Next blog will be on ONLINE JOBS FRAUD .

Comment me below is this blog add some value in your life or not .


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